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The Fabric of the Future

Cheviot Company Limited, the flagship company of Group Cheviot, rests on the pillars of integrity, perseverance, technology, innovation, and precision. Upholding these values, Cheviot has established itself as one of the premier Jute conglomerates of the world. Today, it manufactures high quality precision jute yarn, fabrics, sacks and customised products such as geotextiles, food grade bags and technical textiles for the domestic and international markets like the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Japan. Cheviot strives to provide sustainable alternatives through the processing of the eco-friendly and highly versatile golden fibre.


Cheviot’s composite Jute mill where raw jute is processed into finished yarns and fabrics through extensive and precise manufacturing processes.

Production Capacity - 160 MT/Day

4000 workers

125 Years of excellent


Cheviot’s specialty weaving unit situation at the Falta special economic zone manufactures superior fabrics and geotextiles exclusively for export.

Production Capacity - 35 MT/Day

250 Employees

100 Sulzer Looms


  • No.1

    No. 1

    Exporter of Jute Yarn in India

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Hessian / Burlap

We use Swiss Sulzer looms to weave high grade hessian fabrics of the smoothest quality at competitive rates. These fabric can be used to make horticultural products, packaging bags, and as sturdy carpet backing material.

  • Width – 30”– 130” (76cm – 330cm)
  • Quality – 4oz to 10oz (100 gsm to 300 gsm)

Food Grade Bags

We produce and customise food grade bags and fabrics that are free from hydrocarbons as per IJO 98.01 standards. These are used to package an array of food products like cocoa, coffee, and potatoes.

Lightweight Geotextiles

Cheviot is one of the largest exporters of light weight geotextiles to North America and Europe, and is the supplier of choice for the leading manufacturers of Erosion control blankets. Our rolls have a regular form and consistency that ensures uninterrupted operation of your machines. These products are widely used to prevent soil erosion while constructing roads and residential projects.

  • Width – 98” – 200” (250cm to 508cm)
  • Quality – 42 gsm to 46 gsm

Heavy Geotextiles

Cheviot also manufactures and customises heavy geotextiles as per the factory requirements of the customer.


Cheviot is the leading Indian exporter and premium global manufacturer of the jute yarn. We maintain impeccable quality and consistency standards increasing weaving efficiency for carpet weavers across Belgium, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Lebanon and Africa.

Lifestyle Products

Woven on Sulzer looms, our lifestyle fabrics and bags display a sheen and regularity like non-other. These products are wholly customized to meet the customers specifications. Standard products include 15×14 290gsm and 13×13 260gsm Brilliant Elegant fabrics that are used to manufacture consumer shopping bags.


Cheviot produces 50+ million jute bags (per year) that are solely used for food grain packaging for the Government of India. We also produce hydrocarbon free sacks for our customers across the globe.

Specialty Fabrics

From fire retardants and rot proofs, to water repellents and naturally stiffened fabrics, Cheviot’s strength lies in collaborating with customers and creating specialised products that meet their needs. We look forward to finding eco-friendly solutions to all the challenges that come our way.



Ideas and Innovation for the Future

At Cheviot, we ideate 3 steps ahead and predict future global demands before moving forward. Today, there is a pressing requirement for 100% biodegradable products – a need that Cheviot aims to address. Through high-tech innovations, continual scientific research and development, and regular testing of products, Cheviot strives to produce biodegradable coatings, softened fabrics, and similar other fabrics of the future. We promise to stop spinning jute the day we stop innovating and improving it.