A Better Tomorrow, Starts Today

Cygnus World School

Spread over a sprawling campus of 7.3 acres, Cheviot Kids and the Cygnus World School have celebrated 10 years of being leading education institutes in Vadodara, Gujarat. With English as the medium of instruction, the curriculum prepares students to be global citizens while familiarizing them with the rich history and culture of India. Most importantly, students are taught how to be leaders in their chosen fields, respect diversity, and hone their interests within and outside of the classroom walls. With over 1,200 students currently enrolled in the school, CWS looks forward to expanding its services into the rural areas of India to empower the masses. CWS has now started a section for the International Baccalaureate programme too.

Lakshya Institute

Indians have the potential to be amongst the top athletes and sports players in the world today. To fill in the gap of the lack of faculty and facilities available to budding sports players in rural parts of the country, Cheviot assists the player management team at Lakshya Institute to recruit students who show exceptional sporting skills at an early age. Those selected are provided with world-class training and care for their physical fitness and mental alertness. From injury management to diet requirements, holistic care is provided to those sports persons, to enable them to maximize their budding talent.

Local Institutions

Cheviot is a keen believer in the revolutionary powers of education and are constantly working for the upliftment of society across the state of West Bengal. We support numerous local educational institutes by providing them equipment for science and computer laboratories, helping them with the refurbishment of damaged building and classrooms, providing after school tutoring to needy students, supplying food hampers to student. These include the Ramakrishna Sarada Mission (Gangarampur), Manuel Girls Primary and High School (Budge Budge), Badekalinagar Municipal Free Primary School, Joychandipur Upper Primary School, Sarengabad Primary School and Khandaliya High School, Kalatalahat (Falta). We have also provided students school bags, tiffin boxes, water bottles, shoes and socks, stationery etc at many of the institutions.

Binnakandi Hospital

To ensure that the local community of the 'Binnakandi Tea Estate' have access to health care, Cheviot has set up a hospital with a General Practioner, women’s care and other basic care facilities.

Hope Foundation

To help the citizens of Kolkata battle the pandemic, Cheviot set up a fully equipped Covid Relief Isolation Ward with 20 ventilators. Access to reliable health support controlled the spread of the virus and provided the best treatment at subsidized rates.

Prem Milan

Cheviot set up an eye camp in the Budge Budge district to assess eye prescriptions for the locals as well as demonstrate healthy eye-care practices. We distributed spectacles and also installed a Phaco Machine for eye surgery.

BBMC Budge Budge Hospital

Cheviot provides regular support to the local Budge Budge municipality hospital for the betterment of our surrounding areas. We have financed an elevator in the premises of this hospital to help upgrade the infrastructure. We also provided them a fully equipped ambulance.

Tata Memorial Hospital

Thousands of N 95 Masks and PPE Kits were bought and donated to Tata Memorial Hospital and similar other healthcare facilities. The objective and hope was to control the spread of the virus while offering support in times of need for those whose families were already battling Covid-19. Awareness with regard to the benefits of wearing masks and protective gear further helped lower the number of local cases.

Industrial Practices

Cheviot strives to not only produce environmentally friendly end-products but also embrace a highly sustainable process while manufacturing these products. Our key product, Jute, has several eco-friendly benefits - It is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, strong and durable allowing it to be reused multiple times as opposed to the use-and-throw plastic bags. We also recycle 100% of the generated waste generated during our manufacturing process. Having reduced water consumption by 20% and energy consumption by 25% over the last 5 years, we are on the path to being a carbon neutral production house.

Solar Power

Cheviot installed a solar power system in the Delhi ENT Hospital and Research Centre to make the premises an eco-friendly and self-sustained space. High end modules with increased generation rates were used as a long-term investment towards sustainability. We also aim to set up a 2MW captive solar plant in the near future.